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Bulk rename app
The Cinnamon desktop environment
A collection of configuration plugins used in cinnamon-settings
Library and data for various Cinnamon modules
A menu system for the Cinnamon project
The Cinnamon screen locker and screensaver program
The Cinnamon session manager
The settings daemon for the Cinnamon desktop
Translations files for the Cinnamon desktop
JavaScript bindings for Cinnamon
Artwork for the cinnamon desktop
Mint-X and Mint-Y themes for the cinnamon desktop
Mint/metal theme based on mintified versions of Clearlooks Revamp, Elementary and Faenza
The Mint-Y icon theme
The window management library for the Cinnamon desktop (libmuffin) and its sample WM binary (muffi…
File browser for Cinnamon
A generic image viewer from Linux Mint
Share files across the LAN
Cross-desktop libraries and common resources
A document viewer capable of displaying multiple and single page document formats like PDF and Pos…
A generic image viewer from Linux Mint
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