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Nimble packages

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Nimble packages Nix flake

This repository contains experimental-grade, auto-generated Nim packages.


  • automatic testing
  • back-versioning


nix run nimble#fugitive
  # Build and execute a Nimble binary

nix dev-shell nimble
  # Enter a shell with the Nim and Nimble utilities

For an example of how to refer to Nim packages when building a Nix package you could have a look at this flake.


nix run .#package-updater

# …or to update an invidual package…

nix run .#package-updater generate foobar

This will prefetch the repositories of new and updated Nimble packages and record the necessary metadata to fetch the source as a fixed-output derivation. Each package has such a fixed-output that is used as a input to a derivations that produce metadata to (attempt to) build the package.


Arguments to the Nim package builder may be added to the [./overrides.nix] file.