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bundlersNix flake
dreampkgsNix flake
A collection of software packages managed with dream2nix
dwarffsNix flake
A filesystem that fetches DWARF debug info from the Internet on demand
fenixNix flake
Rust toolchains and rust analyzer nightly for nix
flake-partsNix flake
Flake basics described using the module system
flake-utilsNix flake
Pure Nix flake utility functions
geminiNix flake
A survey of software related to the Gemini protocol
home-managerNix flake
Home Manager for Nix
hydraNix flake
A Nix-based continuous build system
nickelNix flake
nimbleNix flake
Nimble packages
nixNix flake
The purely functional package manager
nix-darwinNix flake
A collection of darwin modules
nix-serveNix flake
nixopsNix flake
NixOps: a tool for deploying to [NixOS]( machines in a network or the cloud
Nixos-generators - one config, multiple formats
nixpkgsNix flake
A collection of packages for the Nix package manager
nurNix flake
Nix User Repository
patchelfNix flake
A tool for modifying ELF executables and libraries
poetry2nixNix flake
Poetry2nix flake
sops-nixNix flake
Integrates sops into nixos
templatesNix flake
A collection of flake templates