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Executable for finding information about programs in PATH
Accurate Floating Point Sums and Products
ADB protocol implementation in Nim
An Adaptive Index Library for Nim
A safe, high-level, optimized OpenGL wrapper
Time ago in words in Nim
Wrapper for js ajax
The Nim asynchronous web framework
Game Engine
A library to work with random variables
This module provides the feature of algebraic data type and its associated method
alignment is a library to align strings
Wrapper for Allegro version 5
A Nim query builder library inspired by Laravel/PHP and Orator/Python
C alsa-lib bindings for Nim
OpenAL Utility Toolkit (ALUT)
A validator for greek social security number (AMKA)
Async MySQL Connector write in pure Nim
Allows statistics to be sent to and recorded in Google Analytics
Another nanoID implementation for nim
Easily use Animate.css classes
The Nim wrapper for tracemoe
Anonimongo - Another pure Nim Mongo driver
A package to read data and parse it into ANSI escape characters
A library that converts a string with ANSI CSI SGR codes (colours and such) into a string with HTM…
Utilities for parsing CP437 and ANSI escape codes
ANSI art + MIDI music
Nim interface to ANTLR4 listener/visitor via jsffi
nim wrapper around the AntTweakBar c library
Anybar client written in Nim
Convert strings to any case
Use a Structure of Arrays like an Array of Structures
generalized routine and symbol pointers
Calculate gematria values for Alphanumeric Qabbala
Generating structured data from arbitrary, unstructured input
A nim wrapper for Argon2
A high-level Nim Argon2 password hashing library
A command line argument parser
Provides a complex commandline parser
Aria2 API lib for Nim for any backend
An entity component system package
A 2D Array Implementation
Arrayfire wrapper for nim
A n-dimensional tensor (ndarray) library
Image transformation and visualization utilities for arraymancer
A simple gemini server written in nim
Console ascii line charts in pure nim
terminal ascii tables for nim
Ascii Text allows you to print large ASCII fonts for the console and for the web
This module performs character tests
libass bindings for nim
syntax sugar for assignments
a general ast pattern matching library with a focus on correctness and good error messages
Basic A-Star path finding
Prints a dot graph of a nim ast dumped using the dumpTree macro
astronomical library for Nim programming language
make anything async | always go async
Asynchronous docker client written by Nim-lang
Asynchronous event loop for progaming with MVC
Asynchronous MySQL connector written in pure Nim
Asynchronous PostgreSQL driver for Nim
High level, asynchronous file API mimicking Python's file interface
Pure Nim asyncronous driver for Redis DB
Test asynchronous code
Awaitable threadpool
Various asynchronous tools for Nim
A powerful, lightweight tool to execute code later
Amazon Web Services (AWS) APIs
TheAudioDB API client
Audius API
A client for the Arch Linux User Repository (AUR)
Syntax sugar which supports auto-dereferencing
Write GUI automation scripts with Nim
Wrapper for AutoIt v3.3.14.2
Simple auto-templates library
Keyboard typing emulator
Wrapper of the AVbin library for the Nim language
Command to remove acceptably empty directories
A library of awk functions in nim
AWS SDK for Nim
A package to compile nim functions for AWS Lambda
Nim Library for Azure Cognitive Services Translate
Implementation of exponential backoff for nim
The Nim badgemaker tool
Static website generation
Flash ISO images to SD cards & USB drives, safely and easily
An amateur radio tool to get you a ballpark estimate of where a given Maidenhead grid square is
This is a simple implementation of a WebSocket server with 100% Nim
A simple extensible i18n engine
Nim barcode library
Base32 library for Nim
Base45 encoder and decoder
Base58 encoders and decoders for Bitcoin and CryptoNote addresses
base64 cui
A library for cleanly creating an object or tuple based on another object or tuple
Deprecated module from stdlib
Deprecated package from the stdlib
Nim / Python library to feed HTTP server quickly with custom messages