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buildMachinesNixOS option-set
gcNixOS option-set
linux-builderNixOS option-set
optimiseNixOS option-set
registryNixOS option-set
settingsNixOS option-set
nix.buildMachinesNixOS option
This option lists the machines to be used if distributed builds are enabled (see nix.distributedBu…
nix.checkConfigNixOS option
If enabled (the default), checks for data type mismatches and that Nix can parse the generated nix…
Enable configuration for nixbld group and users
Whether the Nix daemon process should considered to be low priority when doing file system I/O
Nix daemon process resource limits class
Whether to distribute builds to the machines listed in nix.buildMachines
nix.extraOptionsNixOS option
Additional text appended to nix.conf
nix.nixPathNixOS option
The default Nix expression search path, used by the Nix evaluator to look up paths enclosed in ang…
nix.nrBuildUsersNixOS option
Number of nixbld user accounts created to perform secure concurrent builds
nix.packageNixOS option
This option specifies the Nix package instance to use throughout the system
nix.registryNixOS option
A system-wide flake registry
nix.settingsNixOS option
Configuration for Nix, see for avalaible option…
nix.useDaemonNixOS option
If set, Nix will use the daemon to perform operations