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Whether to enable GitHub Actions runner
If enabled, causes the following behavior:Passes the --ephemeral flag to the runner configuration …
Extra environment variables to set for the runner, as an attrset
Extra labels in addition to the default (unless disabled through the noDefaultLabels option).Chang…
Extra packages to add to PATH of the service to make them available to workflows
Group under which to run the service
Name of the runner to configure
Disables adding the default labels
List of Node.js runtimes the runner should support
The github-runner package to use
Replace any existing runner with the same name
Name of the runner group to add this runner to (defaults to the default runner group).Changing thi…
The full path to a file which contains eithera fine-grained personal access token (PAT),a classic …
Repository to add the runner to
User under which to run the service
Working directory, available as $GITHUB_WORKSPACE during workflow runs and used as a default for r…