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adv_cmdsadv_cmdsNix package
Apple SDK framework CoreFoundation
Apple SDK framework CoreFoundation
MacOS Compiler Tools
System binary utilities (wrapper script)
System binary utilities (wrapper script)
System binary utilities (wrapper script)
MacOS Compiler Tools (cross-platform port)
configdconfigdNix package
configdconfigdHeadersNix package
Reverse engineered headers for Apple's CoreSymbolication framework
create-builderlinux-builderNix package
create-builderlinux-builder-x86_64Nix package
Apple's common startup stubs for darwin
Fix for OS X's scroll wheel problem
Impure primitive symlinks to the Mac OS native dyld, along with headers
glibc-iconvNix package
hfshfsNix package
hfshfsHeadersNix package
Install and debug iPhone apps from the command line, without using Xcode
CLI wrapper for basic network utilites on Mac OS X inspired with iproute2 on Linux systems - ip co…
libresolvlibresolvNix package
libresolvlibresolvHeadersNix package
The Mac OS libc/libSystem (tapi library with pure headers)
Replaces the Mach-O Dynamic Library Stub files in Apple's SDKs to reduce the size
libutillibutilNix package
libutillibutilHeadersNix package
Lsusb command for Mac OS X
A Vulkan Portability implementation built on top of Apple’s Metal API
Cross platform port of the macOS CoreFoundation
Utility to specify which application bundle should open specific file extensions
Display and manipulate extended attributes
Rewrite filepath in .tbd
A tool for working with embedded signatures in Mach-O files
stdenv-linuxNix package
The default build environment for Unix packages in Nixpkgs
Small command-line program for OS X that moves files or folders to the trash
Apple's XCode SDK
Xcode.appxcode_10_1Nix package
Apple's XCode SDK
Xcode.appxcode_10_2Nix package
Apple's XCode SDK
Xcode.appxcode_10_2_1Nix package
Apple's XCode SDK
Xcode.appxcode_10_3Nix package
Apple's XCode SDK
Xcode.appxcode_11Nix package
Apple's XCode SDK
Xcode.appxcode_11_1Nix package
Apple's XCode SDK
Xcode.appxcode_11_2Nix package
Apple's XCode SDK
Xcode.appxcode_11_3_1Nix package
Apple's XCode SDK
Xcode.appxcode_11_4Nix package
Apple's XCode SDK
Xcode.appxcode_11_5Nix package
Apple's XCode SDK