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A module allowing arbitrary ACPI calls; use case: hybrid video
Virtual camera driver for Linux
AMDGPU-PRO drivers
APFS module for linux
Linux HWMON sensors driver for ASUS motherboards to read sensor data from the embedded controller
Linux HWMON (lmsensors) sensors driver for various ASUS Ryzen and Threadripper motherboards
ASIX AX99100 Serial and Parallel Port driver
B.A.T.M.A.N. routing protocol in a linux kernel module for layer 2
A module for powering off hybrid GPUs
Kernel module driver for some Broadcom's wireless cards
Kernel module for ISO-TP (ISO 15765-2)
WCH CH9344/CH348 UART driver
Platform Security Assessment Framework
Tool to examine and tune power saving features
Device that allows access to Linux kernel cryptographic drivers
Kernel module driver for DDC/CI monitors
Ddbridge linux driver
DIGImend graphics tablet drivers for the Linux kernel
Set of libraries and drivers for fast packet processing
Kernel modules for DPDK
Amazon Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) driver for Linux
Extensible Virtual Display Interface
Exfat kernel module
Linux driver for the Facetime HD (Broadcom 1570) PCIe webcam
Kernel-based publish-subscribe system
Firmware Test Suite(efi-runtime kernel module)
Kernel module for overclocking the Nintendo Wii U/Mayflash GameCube adapter
Linux driver for the ITE 8291 RGB keyboard backlight controller
Integration Services for running NixOS under HyperV
IPU6 kernel driver
Intel SGX Linux Driver
Patched module for IT87xx superio chip sensors support
Linux driver for Intel Touch Host Controller
Intel Vision Sensing Controller kernel driver
Intel 82599 Virtual Function Driver
Fairly compliant SIIT and Stateful NAT64 for Linux - kernel modules
A pair of kernel modules which provide pools of deduplicated and/or compressed block storage
Optional kernel module for LookingGlass
Linux kernel module for controlling fan and power in Lenovo Legion laptops
Support package for GPIB (IEEE 488) hardware
Undervolting kernel driver for Intel processors
Linux kernel hwmon drivers for AIO liquid coolers and other devices
LKRG Linux Kernel module
Linux kernel modules for LTTng tracing
MacBook Air 6,1 and 6,2 (mid 2013) backlight driver
A driver for MacBook models 2018 and newer, which makes the keyboard, mouse and audio output work
Linux driver for the Magewell Pro Capture family
MOXA UPort 11x0 USB to Serial Hub driver
Ndis driver wrapper for the Linux kernel
Network monitoring module for atop
Experimental Logitech force feedback module for Linux
nvidia-opennvidia_x11_beta_openNix package
NVIDIA Linux Open GPU Kernel Module
nvidia-opennvidia_x11_vulkan_beta_openNix package
NVIDIA Linux Open GPU Kernel Module
nvidia-x11nvidia_x11Nix package driver and kernel module for NVIDIA graphics cards
nvidia-x11nvidia_x11_legacy340Nix package driver and kernel module for NVIDIA graphics cards
nvidia-x11nvidia_x11_legacy390Nix package driver and kernel module for NVIDIA graphics cards
nvidia-x11nvidia_x11_legacy470Nix package driver and kernel module for NVIDIA graphics cards
nvidia-x11nvidia_x11_vulkan_betaNix package driver and kernel module for NVIDIA graphics cards
Linux driver for setting the backlight brightness on laptops using NVIDIA GPU
Open AFS client kernel module
An entirely open source Linux driver that allows you to manage your Razer peripherals on GNU/Linux
Linux tools to profile with performance counters
Dynamic tracing in Linux
Parallels Tools for Linux guests
Linux driver for QC71 laptop
Realtek r8125 driver
Realtek r8168 driver
Kernel module supporting the rr debugger on (some) AMD Zen-based CPUs
RealTek RTL8188eus WiFi driver with monitor mode & frame injection support
Driver for Realtek rtl8189es
Driver for Realtek rtl8189fs
Realtek rtl8192eu driver
Linux driver for RTL8723DS
Driver for Realtek 802.11ac, rtl8812au, provides the 8812au mod
Realtek 8814AU USB WiFi driver
Rtl8821AU and rtl8812AU chipset driver with firmware
Realtek rtl8821ce driver
Realtek rtl8821cu driver
Realtek rtl88x2bu driver
Aircrack-ng kernel module for Realtek 88XXau network cards (8811au, 8812au, 8814au and 8821au chip…
Backport of the latest Realtek RTW88 driver from wireless-next for older kernels
Driver for Realtek 8852AE, 8852BE, and 8853CE, 802.11ax devices
A tracepoint-based system tracing tool for Linux (with clients for other OSes)
System76 ACPI Driver (DKMS)
DKMS module for controlling System76
System76 DKMS driver
System76 Power Management
System76 Scheduler
Provides a scripting language for instrumentation on a live kernel plus user-space
Linux driver for TBSDTV cards
Monitoring and Testing Tool for Linux kernel thermal subsystem
IBM ThinkPad hardware functions driver
For relaying IP packets between two devices to build a IP bridge between them
Report processor frequency and idle statistics
Keyboard and hardware I/O driver for TUXEDO Computers laptops
Allows to pass USB device from server to client over the network
A kernel module to create V4L2 loopback devices
A daemon to run x86 code in an emulated environment
Linux driver for VEIKK-brand digitizers
Linux kernel vendor specific hardware reset module