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Medable Developer Tools :: Cli tool
Command-line interface for mermaid
alexNix package
Catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing
alloyNix package
TiDev Titanium MVC Framework
antennasNix package
HDHomeRun emulator for Plex DVR to connect to Tvheadend
asarNix package
Creating Electron app packages
Concat small audio files into single file and export in many formats
Command line tool for generating a changelog from git tags and commit history
Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS rules using values from the
Linter for Awesome lists
Use Azure AD SSO to log into the AWS CLI
CDK Toolkit, the command line tool for CDK apps
Tool for working with the balance of your satoshis on LND
A language server for Bash
Cleaner and Formatter for BibTeX files
A secure and free password manager for all of your devices
bowerNix package
The browser package manager
Generate nix expressions to fetch bower dependencies
Live CSS Reload & Browser Syncing
Browser-side require() the node way
Open-source, self-hosted Bitcoin explorer
Beautiful images of your code — from right inside your terminal
cartoNix package
Mapnik Stylesheet Compiler
Command-line Chromecast player
This is the command line tool for Cloud Development Kit (CDK) for Kubernetes (cdk8s)
CDK for Terraform CLI
A command-line interface to clean-css CSS optimization library
Access the system clipboard (copy/paste)
A command line tool for viewing, creating and updating stories
Clangd extension for coc.nvim
Coc.nvim extension for cmake language
Css extension for coc.nvim
Diagnostic-languageserver extension for coc.nvim
Docker extension for coc
Emmet extension for coc
Eslint extension for coc.nvim
Explorer for coc.nvim
Flutter support for (Neo)vim
Git extension for coc.nvim
Gopls extension for coc
Haxe language server extension for coc.nvim
Highlight extension for coc.nvim
Html extension for coc.nvim
Input method extension for coc.nvim on mac
Java language extension for coc.nvim
Jest extension for coc.nvim
Json extension for coc.nvim
Basic list sources for coc.nvim
Grammar/spell checker using LanguageTool with support for LaTeX, Markdown, and others
Markdownlint extension for coc.nvim
Coc.nvim extension for Metals, the Scala language server
Auto pair extension for coc.nvim
Prettier extension for coc.nvim
Pyright extension for coc.nvim, static type checker for Python
Python extension for coc.nvim, forked from vscode-python
R language server extension for coc.nvim
Rust language support - code completion, Intellisense, refactoring, reformatting, errors, snippets
Rust-analyzer for Vim/Neovim, works as an extension with coc.nvim
Sh extension for coc
Smart find extension for coc.nvim
Snippets extension for coc.nvim
Ruby languageserver extension for coc.nvim, using solargraph
Spelling checker for source code
SQLFluff (A SQL linter and auto-formatter for Humans) extension for coc.nvim
Stylelint extension for coc.nvim
Lua extension using sumneko lua-language-server for coc.nvim
Tabnine extension for coc.nvim
TexLab extension for coc.nvim
Toml extension for coc.nvim
Tslint extension for coc.nvim
TSLint extension for coc.nvim as tsserver plugin
Tsserver extension for coc.nvim
Ultisnips source for coc.nvim
Vue language server extension for coc.nvim using vetur
Vim language server extension for coc.nvim
Vimtex integration for coc.nvim
Wxml language server extension for coc.nvim
Yaml extension for coc.nvim
Yank extension for coc.nvim
Convert any vscode theme with ease!
Unfancy JavaScript
A cryptocurrency price monitoring tool
A configurable-on-the-fly HTTP Proxy
Generate a changelog from git metadata
Copy files && directories with webpack
Cordova command line interface tool
Copy files
Create React apps with no build configuration
Create React Native apps with no build configuration
A Spelling Checker for Code!
datNix package
Dat is the package manager for data
degitNix package
Straightforward project scaffolding
dhcpNix package
A DHCP server written in JavaScript
Diagnostic language server
Fast Diff to colorized HTML
A language server for Dockerfiles powered by NodeJS, TypeScript, and VSCode technologies
A global executable to run applications with the ENV variables loaded by dotenv
A secrets manager for .env files – from the same people that pioneered dotenv
EAS command line tool
CLI for building, runing, testing, and managing your Emacs Lisp dependencies