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A graph database extension for PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL extension providing approximate algorithms for distinct item counts, quantile estimatio…
Columnar storage for PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL extension to easily add jsonb numeric
PostgreSQL extension implementing SQL standard functionality for PERIODs and SYSTEM VERSIONING
A simple extension to PostgreSQL that requires criteria for UPDATE and DELETE
PostgreSQL extension and service for automated failover and high-availability
Text similarity measurement and index searching based on bigrams
Run Cron jobs through PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL extension for signing and verifying ed25519 signatures
Extension to tweak PostgreSQL execution plans using so-called 'hints' in SQL comments
HyperLogLog for PostgreSQL
Materialized views with IVM (Incremental View Maintenance) for PostgreSQL
Async networking for Postgres
Partition management extension for PostgreSQL
Precise fractional arithmetic for PostgreSQL
Pg_relusage extension for PostgreSQL: discover and log the relations used in your statements
Reorganize tables in PostgreSQL databases with minimal locks
An extension to support similarity queries on PostgreSQL
Efficient querying of 'top values' for PostgreSQL
Open Source PostgreSQL Audit Logging
PostgreSQL implementation of JSON Web Tokens
A PostgreSQL extension to use Groonga as the index
A PostgreSQL/PostGIS extension that provides geospatial routing functionality
A unit testing framework for PostgreSQL
Open-source vector similarity search for PostgreSQL
High-performance time-series aggregation for PostgreSQL
Linter tool for language PL/pgSQL
PL/R - R Procedural Language for PostgreSQL
V8 Engine Javascript Procedural Language add-on for PostgreSQL
Geographic Objects for PostgreSQL
Promscale is an open source observability backend for metrics and traces powered by SQL
Replication manager for PostgreSQL cluster
Full text search index method for PostgreSQL
Compute similary of any one-dimensional arrays
A PostgreSQL foreign data wrapper to connect to TDS databases (Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server)
Temporal Tables PostgreSQL Extension
Scales PostgreSQL for time-series data via automatic partitioning across time and space
Scales PostgreSQL for time-series data via automatic partitioning across time and space
Provide additional tools to ease all things analytic when using TimescaleDB
Provides a few PostgreSQL functions for a lower-level data full text search
PostgreSQL JSON output plugin for changeset extraction