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bcacheNixOS option-set
binfmtNixOS option-set
bootspecNixOS option-set
crashDumpNixOS option-set
initrdNixOS option-set
iscsi-initiatorNixOS option-set
kernelNixOS option-set
loaderNixOS option-set
modprobeConfigNixOS option-set
plymouthNixOS option-set
specialFileSystemsNixOS option-set
swraidNixOS option-set
tmpNixOS option-set
ukiNixOS option-set
uvesafbNixOS option-set
zfsNixOS option-set
List of names of kernel modules that should not be loaded automatically by the hardware probing co…
The kernel console loglevel
boot.devShmSizeNixOS option
Size limit for the /dev/shm tmpfs
boot.devSizeNixOS option
Size limit for the /dev tmpfs
Whether to enable support for NixOS containers
Any additional configuration to be appended to the generated modprobe.conf
A list of additional packages supplying kernel modules
Additional paths that get appended to the SYSTEMD_UNIT_PATH environment variable that can contain …
boot.growPartitionNixOS option
Whether to enable growing the root partition on boot
boot.hardwareScanNixOS option
Whether to try to load kernel modules for all detected hardware
boot.isContainerNixOS option
Whether this NixOS machine is a lightweight container running in another NixOS system
boot.kernelModulesNixOS option
The set of kernel modules to be loaded in the second stage of the boot process
This option allows you to override the Linux kernel used by NixOS
boot.kernelParamsNixOS option
Parameters added to the kernel command line
boot.kernelPatchesNixOS option
A list of additional patches to apply to the kernel
Shell commands to be executed just before systemd is started
If set, NixOS will enforce the immutability of the Nix store by making /nix/store a read-only bind…
boot.resumeDeviceNixOS option
Device for manual resume attempt during boot
boot.runSizeNixOS option
Size limit for the /run tmpfs
Names of supported filesystem types, or an attribute set of file system types and their state
The program to execute to start systemd
boot.vesaNixOS option