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allowedDevicesNixOS option-set
bindMountsNixOS option-set
extraVethsNixOS option-set
forwardPortsNixOS option-set
Grant additional capabilities to the container
A list of device nodes to which the containers has access to
Whether the container is automatically started at boot-time
An extra list of directories that is bound to the container
A specification of the desired configuration of this container, as a NixOS module
Allows the container to create and setup tunnel interfaces by granting the NET_ADMIN capability an…
Runs container in ephemeral mode with the empty root filesystem at boot
Extra flags passed to the systemd-nspawn command
Extra veth-pairs to be created for the container
List of forwarded ports from host to container
The IPv4 address assigned to the host interface
The IPv6 address assigned to the host interface
Put the host-side of the veth-pair into the named bridge
The list of interfaces to be moved into the container
The IPv4 address assigned to the interface in the container
The IPv6 address assigned to the interface in the container
The list of host interfaces from which macvlans will be created
A path to the nixpkgs that provide the modules, pkgs and lib for evaluating the container
As an alternative to specifying config, you can specify the path to the evaluated NixOS system con…
Whether to give the container its own private virtual Ethernet interface
Whether the container should be restarted during a NixOS configuration switch if its definition ha…
A set of special arguments to be passed to NixOS modules
Time for the container to start
Mounts a set of tmpfs file systems into the container