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krb5.appdefaultsNixOS option
Settings used by some Kerberos V5 applications
krb5.capathsNixOS option
Authentication paths for non-hierarchical cross-realm authentication
krb5.configNixOS option
Verbatim krb5.conf configuration
krb5.defaultRealmNixOS option
DEPRECATED, please use krb5.libdefaults.default_realm
krb5.domain_realmNixOS option
Map of server hostnames to Kerberos realms
krb5.domainRealmNixOS option
DEPRECATED, please create a map of server hostnames to Kerberos realms in krb5.domain_realm
krb5.enableNixOS option
Whether to enable building krb5.conf, configuration file for Kerberos V
krb5.extraConfigNixOS option
These lines go to the end of krb5.conf verbatim
krb5.kdcNixOS option
DEPRECATED, please pass a kdc attribute to a realm in krb5.realms
krb5.kerberosNixOS option
The Kerberos implementation that will be present in environment.systemPackages after enabling this…
DEPRECATED, please pass an admin_server attribute to a realm in krb5.realms
krb5.libdefaultsNixOS option
Settings used by the Kerberos V5 library
krb5.pluginsNixOS option
Controls plugin module registration
krb5.realmsNixOS option
Realm-specific contact information and settings