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acmeNixOS option-set
apparmorNixOS option-set
auditNixOS option-set
auditdNixOS option-set
chromiumSuidSandboxNixOS option-set
dhparamsNixOS option-set
doasNixOS option-set
duosecNixOS option-set
googleOsLoginNixOS option-set
pamNixOS option-set
pkiNixOS option-set
pleaseNixOS option-set
polkitNixOS option-set
rtkitNixOS option-set
sandboxNixOS option-set
sudoNixOS option-set
tpm2NixOS option-set
virtualisationNixOS option-set
wrappersNixOS option-set
Whether to allow SMT/hyperthreading
Whether to allow creation of user namespaces
Whether to force-enable the Page Table Isolation (PTI) Linux kernel feature even on CPU models tha…
Disable kernel module loading once the system is fully initialised
Whether to prevent replacing the running kernel image
When disabled, unprivileged users will not be able to create new namespaces
Size limit for the /run/wrappers tmpfs
security.wrappersNixOS option
This option effectively allows adding setuid/setgid bits, capabilities, changing file ownership an…