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automountsNixOS option-set
coredumpNixOS option-set
mountsNixOS option-set
networkNixOS option-set
nspawnNixOS option-set
oomdNixOS option-set
pathsNixOS option-set
repartNixOS option-set
servicesNixOS option-set
shutdownRamfsNixOS option-set
sleepNixOS option-set
slicesNixOS option-set
socketsNixOS option-set
sysupdateNixOS option-set
targetsNixOS option-set
timersNixOS option-set
tmpfilesNixOS option-set
unitsNixOS option-set
userNixOS option-set
watchdogNixOS option-set
Additional units shipped with systemd that shall be enabled
systemd.automountsNixOS option
Definition of systemd automount units
Target that should be started when Ctrl-Alt-Delete is pressed
Default unit started when the system boots
Whether to enable cgroup accounting
Whether to enable emergency mode, which is an sulogin shell started on the console if mounting a f…
Whether to enable the unified cgroup hierarchy (cgroupsv2)
Extra config options for systemd
systemd.generatorsNixOS option
Definition of systemd generators
Environment variables passed to all systemd units
Environment variables of PID 1
systemd.mountsNixOS option
Definition of systemd mount units
systemd.nspawnNixOS option
Definition of systemd-nspawn configurations
systemd.packageNixOS option
The systemd package
systemd.packagesNixOS option
Packages providing systemd units and hooks
systemd.pathsNixOS option
Definition of systemd path units
systemd.servicesNixOS option
Definition of systemd service units
systemd.shutdownNixOS option
Definition of systemd shutdown executables
systemd.slicesNixOS option
Definition of slice configurations
systemd.socketsNixOS option
Definition of systemd socket units
A list of units to skip when generating system systemd configuration directory
systemd.targetsNixOS option
Definition of systemd target units
systemd.timersNixOS option
Definition of systemd timer units
systemd.unitsNixOS option
Definition of systemd units