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Account faces of deepin desktop environment
Dbus interfaces used for screen zone detecting, thumbnail generating, sound playing, etc
Calendar for Deepin Desktop Environment
A simple graphical interface for creating file system in a block device
PolicyKit agent for Deepin Desktop Environment
Repo of auto-generated D-Bus source code which DDE used
A fashion photo manager for viewing and organizing pictures
An easy to use calculator for ordinary users
Tool to view camera, take photo and video
A fast and lightweight application for creating and extracting archives
Base assets and definitions for Deepin Desktop Environment
GSettings deepin desktop-wide schemas
Lightweight drawing tool for users to freely draw and simply edit images
A desktop text editor that supports common text editing features
Translation file processing utils for DDE development
Deepin Icon Theme provides the base icon themes on Deepin
An image viewing tool with fashion interface and smooth performance
Full-featured video player supporting playing local and streaming media in multiple video formats
Awesome music player with brilliant and tweakful UI Deepin-UI based
Color picker application
Tool to verify the validity of the password
A simple memo software with texts and voice recordings
The freedesktop sound theme for Deepin
Terminal emulator with workspace, multiple windows, remote management, quake mode and other featur…
A daemon that helps to launch dtk applications faster
Simple memo software with texts and voice recordings
Deepin-wallpapers provides wallpapers of dde
XML files of the non-standard wayland protocols use in deepin
A libisoburn wrapper class for Qt
A document parser library ported from document2html
GNOME keyring extension for dde-polkit-agent
A public project for building DTK Library
Deepin tool kit core library
Deepin Toolkit, gui module for DDE look and feel
Deepin graphical user interface library
Qt-style API to interact with the wayland-client and wayland-server
Gio wrapper for Qt applications
Generate go binding of D-Bus interfaces
Generate static golang bindings for GObject
Library containing many useful go routines for things such as glib, gettext, archive, graphic, etc
Image editor lib for dtk
Qt platform theme integration plugins for DDE
Qt platform plugins for DDE
UDisks2 D-Bus interfaces binding for Qt5