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Make your prompt asynchronous to improve the reactivity
Auto-complete matching pairs in the Fish command line
Fish function making it easy to use utilities written for Bash in Fish shell
A Powerline-style, Git-aware fish theme optimized for awesome
A Powerline-style, Git-aware fish theme optimized for awesome (fork of bobthefish)
Fish function to mock the behaviour of commands
Fish shell plugin to colorize man pages
Automatically receive notifications when long processes finish
TAP-based test runner for Fish
fishplugin-fishtapefishtape_3Nix package
100% pure-Fish test runner
A foreign environment interface for Fish shell
A utility tool powered by fzf for using git interactively
Ef-fish-ient fish keybindings for fzf
Augment your fish command line with fzf key bindings
GitHub Copilot CLI aliases for Fish Shell
Grc Colourizer for some commands on Fish shell
Turn milliseconds into a human-readable string in Fish
Ultra-pure, lag-free prompt with async Git status
Paired symbols in the command line
Git plugin for fish (similar to oh-my-zsh git)
Text Expansions for Fish
Pretty, minimal and fast Fish prompt, ported from zsh
Adds support for SDKMAN!
Keeps your fish shell history clean from typos, incorrectly used commands and everything you don't…
The ultimate Fish prompt
A fish plugin for wakatime
Pure-fish z directory jumping