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Script used to wrap Common Lisp implementations
lisp_1amNix package
A minimal testing framework
lisp_3bmdNix package
Markdown processor in CL using esrap parser
lisp_3bmd-ext-code-blocksNix package
Extension to 3bmd implementing github style ``` delimited code blocks, with support for syntax hig…
A library providing functions that unify data-structure access for Common Lisp: access and (setf a…
Library supporting internationalization
A collection of utility functions not found in other utility libraries
Alexandria is a collection of portable public domain utilities
The Anaphoric Macro Package from Hell
A bag-of-tools utilities library used to aid in implementing the toolkit
Simple array operations library for Common Lisp
A few utilities for working with arrays
Implements -> and ->> from Clojure, as well as several expansions on the idea
System lacks description
Allows for ASDF system to be connected so that auto-loading may occur
Babel, a charset conversion library
A compact binomial heap implementation
Rectangle packer for sprite/texture atlases
A promise implementation for Common Lisp
Bordeaux Threads makes writing portable multi-threaded apps simple
Tool for building up an xml dom nicely
Tool for building up an xml dom of an excel spreadsheet nicely
Thread-safe message-passing channels, in the style of the occam programming language
The Common Foreign Function Interface
The CFFI Groveller
The CFFI toolchain
UFFI Compatibility Layer for CFFI
Communicating Sequential Process support for Common Lisp
A randomized property-based testing tool for Common Lisp
A library for decompressing deflate, zlib, and gzip data
System lacks description
Circularly readable streams for Common Lisp
Cl-aa: polygon rasterizer
Python-like Annotation Syntax for Common Lisp
Anonymous function helpers for Common Lisp
ANSI control string characters, focused on color
Asynchronous operations for Common Lisp
REPL integration for CL-ASYNC
SSL Wrapper around cl-async socket implementation
Base64 encoding and decoding with URI support
A Lisp binding to GTK 3
A Lisp binding to Cairo
A Lisp binding to GDK 3
A Lisp binding to GDK Pixbuf 2
A Lisp binding to GIO 2
A Lisp binding to GLib 2
A Lisp binding GObject 2
A Lisp binding to Pango
Convert strings between camelCase, param-case, PascalCase and more
Command line parser
Simple color library for Common Lisp
Simple color library for Common Lisp
A generic container library for Common Lisp
HTTP cookie manager
Simple inline CSS generator
Facilities for reading and writing CSV format files
Cl-cuda is a library to use NVIDIA CUDA in Common Lisp programs
System lacks description
System lacks description
A Lisp library for computing differences between sequences
Simple directed graphs for Common Lisp
Generate Dot Output from Arbitrary Lisp Data
A templating system for Common Lisp
Implements the CLTL2 environment access functionality for implementations which do not provide the…
Portable pathname library
Library for determining types of Common Lisp forms
CFFI bindings to FUSE (Filesystem in user space)
CFFI bindings to FUSE (Filesystem in user space)
A Fuzz Testing Framework
Library for two dimensional geometry
Binding to GObjectIntrospection
An implementation of heap and priority queue data structures
This system provides the hooks extension point mechanism (as known, e.g., from GNU Emacs)
System lacks description
HTML Parser
A HTML5 parser for Common Lisp
System lacks description
A self-contained baseline JPEG codec implementation
JSON in Lisp
Portable CL Locale Support
The necessary CLDR files for cl-l10n packaged in a QuickLisp friendly way
Low-level libuv bindings for Common Lisp
Simple i18n library for Common Lisp
System lacks description
Mustache Template Renderer
Common Lisp MySQL library bindings
Numerical utilities for Common Lisp
Cl-paths: vectorial paths manipulation
Cl-paths-ttf: vectorial paths manipulation
System lacks description
Common Lisp PDF Generation Library
Low-level client library for PostgreSQL
Integration between cl-postgres and local-time
Perl-compatible regular expression library
A system used to conditionally load the CL-PPCRE Template
Perl-compatible regular expression library (Unicode)
Common Lisp Prevalence Package
Protobufs for Common Lisp
Encode and decode quoted-printable encoded strings
QR code 2005 encoder in Common Lisp