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A simple multi-page document viewer for the MATE desktop
File manager for the MATE desktop
Dropbox extension for Caja file manager
Set of extensions for Caja file manager
Archive Manager for MATE
eomNix package
An image viewing and cataloging program for the MATE desktop
Keyboard management library for MATE
Mixer library for MATE
Library to access weather information from online services for MATE
MATE default window manager
Applets for use with the MATE panel
Background images and data for MATE
Calculator for the MATE desktop
Common files for development of MATE packages
Utilities to configure the MATE desktop
Library with common API for various MATE modules
Icon themes from MATE
Faenza icon theme from MATE
MATE panel indicator applet
Media tools for MATE
Menu system for MATE
MATE utilities for netbooks
Notification daemon for MATE Desktop
The MATE panel
Integrates polkit authentication for MATE desktop
The MATE Power Manager
Screen saver and locker for the MATE desktop
MATE panel applet for hardware sensors
MATE Desktop session manager
MATE settings daemon
MATE settings daemon
System monitor for the MATE desktop
MATE desktop terminal emulator
A set of themes from MATE
Tweak tool for the MATE Desktop
MATE User Guide
User level public file sharing for the MATE desktop
Utilities for the MATE desktop
MATE Desktop menu editor
Powerful text editor for the MATE desktop
Python binding for Caja components