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Script to toggle and control ffmpeg's dynamic range compression filter
This script uses the lavfi cropdetect filter to automatically insert a crop filter with appropriat…
This script uses the lavfi idet filter to automatically insert the appropriate deinterlacing filte…
This script automatically loads playlist entries before and after the the currently played file
Convert parts of a video while you are watching it in mpv
This mpv plugin prevents screen blanking in GNOME
MPRIS plugin for mpv
Mpv lua script to create and manage playlists
A userscript for MPV that allows you to change youtube video quality (ytdl-format) on the fly
High-performance on-the-fly thumbnailer for mpv
A lua script to show preview thumbnails in mpv's OSC seekbar
Automatically remove playlist entries based on their extension
Mpv script for seeking to a specific position
Script for mpv to skip sponsored segments of YouTube videos
Adds mpv keybindings to create Anki cards from movies and TV shows
A web based user interface with controls for the mpv mediaplayer
Feature-rich minimalist proximity-based UI for MPV player
Cut videos and concat them automatically
Various audio visualization
Script for mpv to play VR video with optional saving of head tracking data
Adds a hook that allows mpv to stream torrents