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2d collision library
Tool to translate Ansi C code to Nim
Tools and serializer for plain flat binary files
Schema validation of JSON for Nim
A loose, direct to object json parser with hooks
Internal Nixpkgs utility for buildNimPackage
Full-featured 2d graphics library for Nim
Nim wrapper for RocksDB
Nim wrapper for SDL 2.x
Nim implementation of snappy compression algorithm
A Smalltalk and Rebol inspired language implemented as an AST interpreter in Nim
Spry virtual machine
Backports, standard library candidates and small utilities that don't yet deserve their own reposi…
Temporary files and folders
Nim bindings to libui
Math vector library for graphical things
Statically typed, imperative programming language (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu wrapper)
Pure Nim implementation of deflate, zlib, gzip and zip
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