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Nix Bundlers

Bundlers are a way to transform derivations. The most common and default usage is based on the original by matthewbauer. Each bundler is function over a value (usually a derivation) that produces another derivation.

$ nix bundle --bundler github:NixOS/bundlers nixpkgs#hello

How to contribute

Main purpose of this repository is to collect most common bundlers to make common use-cases easy. For this purpose the collection of bundlers is limited to provided an opinionated and curated list.

TODO: bundlers should be also discoverable on

Opening issues

What is required to submit a bundler?

Note: This section is a WIP

Each bundler is a function that generally takes a derivation and produces a derivation as an output.

Inspired by


Note: contributing implies licensing those contributions under the terms of COPYING, which is the MIT license.