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Simple and fast TUI file manager with no dependencies
File manager with full-screen terminal interface
CliFM is a CLI-based, shell-like, and non-curses terminal file manager written in C: simple, fast,…
Two-panel graphical file manager written in Pascal
Ranger-like terminal file manager written in Rust
Norton/Total Commander clone for KDE
A terminal file manager written in Go and heavily inspired by ranger
Terminal file manager
File Manager and User Shell for the GNU Project
Cross-platform file manager
Terminal file manager written in nim
Small ncurses-based file browser forked from noice
Small ncurses-based file browser
File manager with GTK interface
A minimalist file manager for those who want to use Linux mobile devices
File manager with minimalistic curses interface
Simple file manager
POSIX-shell based file manager
A multi-panel tabbed file manager
A vi-like file manager
A vi-like file manager; Includes support for optional features
A two-pane file manager with advanced file manipulation features
MS-Explorer like file manager for X
A curses-based file manager similar to DOS Xtree(TM)
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