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apple_cursorNix package
Opensource macOS Cursors
arc-icon-themeNix package
Arc icon theme
BeautyLineNix package
BeautyLine icon theme
Translucent Varient of the Material Based Cursor
Material Based Cursor Theme
An x-cursor theme inspired by macOS and based on KDE Breeze
A fork of the capitaine cursor theme, with some additional variants (Gruvbox, Nord, Palenight) and…
Catppuccin cursor theme based on Volantes
Soothing pastel theme for Papirus Icon Theme folders
Colloid icon theme
comixcursorsNix package
The Comix Cursors mouse themes
Dracula Icon theme
Elementary icons for Xfce and other GTK desktops like GNOME
faba-icon-themeNix package
A sexy and modern icon theme with Tango influences
faba-mono-iconsNix package
The full set of Faba monochrome panel icons
Flat remix is a pretty simple icon theme inspired on material design
Fluent icon theme for linux desktops
gnome-icon-themeNix package
Collection of icons for the GNOME 2 desktop
google-cursorNix package
An opensource cursor theme inspired by Google
graphite-cursorsNix package
Graphite cursor theme
Gruvbox icons for GTK based desktop environments
hackneyedNix package
A scalable cursor theme that resembles Windows 3.x/NT 3.x cursors
Default fallback theme used by implementations of the icon theme specification
Humanity icons from Ubuntu
iconpack-jadeNix package
Icon pack based upon Faenza and Mint-X
Gnome icon pack based upon Faenza
iso-flags-unstablecinnamon.iso-flags-png-320x420Nix package
248 country flag SVG & PNG icons with different icon styles
iso-flags-unstablecinnamon.iso-flags-svgNix package
248 country flag SVG & PNG icons with different icon styles
iso-flags-unstableiso-flagsNix package
248 country flag SVG & PNG icons with different icon styles
kora-icon-themeNix package
An SVG icon theme in four variants
Icon theme inspired by macOS and Google's Material Design
luna-iconsNix package
Icon pack based on marwaita and papirus icons
maia-icon-themeNix package
Icons based on Breeze and Super Flat Remix
Icon theme designed with a minimal flat style using simple geometry and bright colours
Cursor theme using the Nord color palette and based on Vimix and cz-Viator
Icon theme using the Nord color palette, based on WhiteSur and Numix icon themes
Numix cursor theme
numix-icon-themeNix package
Numix icon theme
Numix icon theme (circle version)
Numix icon theme (square version)
Oranchelo icon theme
Modern icon theme designed around bold colours and simple geometric shapes
papirus-icon-themeepapirus-icon-themeNix package
Pixel perfect icon theme for Linux
papirus-icon-themepapirus-icon-themeNix package
Pixel perfect icon theme for Linux
Manjaro variation of Papirus icon theme
papirus-nordNix package
Nord version of Papirus Icon Theme
phinger-cursorsNix package
The most over-engineered cursor theme
pop-icon-themeNix package
Icon theme for Pop!_OS with a semi-flat design and raised 3D motifs
qogir-icon-themeNix package
Flat colorful design icon theme
A cursor theme designed to look decent
A colorful Design Rectangle icon theme
Rosé Pine icon theme for GTK
simp1e-cursorsNix package
An aesthetic cursor theme for Linux desktops
Miniscule SVG versions of common logos
tango-icon-themeNix package
A basic set of icons
tau-hydrogenNix package
The GTK icon theme for tauOS
Flat and colorful personality icon theme
tela-icon-themeNix package
A flat colorful Design icon theme
vanilla-dmzNix package
A style neutral scalable cursor theme
An x-cursor theme inspired by Materia design and based on capitaine-cursors
vimix-icon-themeNix package
A Material Design icon theme based on Paper icon theme
volantes-cursorsNix package
Classic cursor theme with a flying style
An x-cursor theme inspired by macOS and based on capitaine-cursors
MacOS Big Sur style icon theme for Linux desktops
zafiro-iconsNix package
Icon pack flat with light colors