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Wallpaper collection for adapta-project
Rime Schema Repository
Names and keywords for Unicode characters from the Common Locale Data Repository
A Colemak mod for more comfortable typing
Data for Combinatorial Designs
common-licenses extracted from debian base-files package
Contains a small database of Conway polynomials
Monitor database for DDCcontrol
DNS root data including root zone and DNSSEC key
Databases of elliptic curves
Instrument patches, for MIDI synthesizers
GeoLite Legacy IP geolocation databases
A database of graphs
IANA protocol and port number assignments (/etc/protocols and /etc/services)
Language model data package for libkkc
Helper application and MIME type associations for file types
Helper application and MIME type associations for file types
A repository of data files describing media player capabilities
Collection of files not of crucial importance for sysadmins
Mobile broadband service provider database
A bundle of X.509 certificates of public Certificate Authorities (CA)
Osinfo database of information about operating systems for virtualization provisioning tools
A tool to change papirus icon theme color
PARI database needed to compute Galois group in degrees 8 through 11
PARI database needed by ellap for large primes
Reflexive polytopes database
Encoding files for Poppler, a PDF rendering library
Cross-vendor public domain suffix database
X11 colorname to RGB mapping database
Schema data of Rime Input Method Engine
Spell checker oriented word lists
Ontologies necessary for the Nepomuk semantic desktop
A database of common MIME types
Freedesktop reference sound theme
Various data formats for the SPDX License List
Database of current and historical time zones
Unicode Character Database
Unicode Emoji Data Files
Unicode Han Database
community managed domain list
GeoIP for V2Ray
Wireless regulatory database for CRDA
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