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Expose a D-Bus interface to activate a window by its title or WM_CLASS
Shows Activate GNOME watermark on your screen
The Activities button becomes 2 icons for selecting either Applications or Workspaces in the overv…
This extension turns the Activities button into a popup menu with icons for selecting either Appli…
Integrates a category-based application launcher in the activities window
An easy way to create desktop app shortcut in gnome
Simply add your username to topbar panel aggregate menu
Simple GNOME extension to control displays' brightness via DDC
Highly customizable replacement for the Alt/Super+Tab window/app switchers that offers 'type to se…
Button in panel: switch between Adwaita dark and light themes
View local air quality from PurpleAir in the top bar
Show IP addresses for LAN, WAN, IPv6 and VPN in the GNOME panel
List open windows of all workspaces
List open windows of all workspaces, plus Save/Restore window positions (run automatically on Susp…
Allow remote desktop connections when the screen is locked
Restore the alphabetical ordering of the app grid
Artificially reduce brightness of your displays (including external monitors)
Move mouse pointer onto active window after Alt-Tab
Force alt + tab to switch only in the current workspace
control your hp printers by calling the device manager hp-toolbox, also some useful links
Add some QoL changes to the App Switcher (Alt/Super+Tab)
Always show the new messages indicator on new messages
Always show workspace thumbnails even there is only one workspace
Animated small man run through the screen
Add animations to different items and customize them
Customize the application grid view
Remove Symbolic Icons and Saturation Effect for App Menu Icon
App-Switcher modification that sorts applications by current workspace first
Adds AppIndicator, KStatusNotifierItem and legacy Tray icons support to the Shell
The text in the Application view can be hard to read on a light coloured background
Replace Activities button with an Applications menu
Add a category-based menu for applications
Shows a tooltip over applications icons on applications overview with application name and/or desc…
Show simple arbtt stats on the panel
Update indicator for Arch Linux and GNOME Shell
Displays the number of ambulances that are in a mission in Lombardy, Italy
Integrate the features of the Asus ZenBook Duo into GNOME
asusctl-gex is a frontend for some functionalities of asusctl and supergfxctl that were born insid…
Adds a switch for choosing audio output to the system menu
Select audio output and/or input port
Adds a switch for choosing audio input/output to the system menu in GNOME 40
Show activities overview when there are no windows, or hide it when there are new windows
Move applications to specific workspaces when they create windows
Toggle whether to auto-mute speakers when headphones are plugged in
Auto selects headsets when possible instead of showing a dialog
Hide battery icon in top panel, if battery is fully charged and AC is connected
Autohide volume indicator when muted
The Avatar Extension can add into the panel:
Tile windows using keyboard shortcuts
Automatic background-image (wallpaper) slideshow for Gnome Shell
Shows actual charging/discharging consumption (+/-)
Get information about your battery status
A simple extension for gnome-shell that let easily set a threshold to limit battery charge level
Show the remaining time until fully charged/discharged instead of the battery charge in percent in…
Show the remaining time until fully charged/discharged as well as percentage of battery charge in …
Gnome extension adding more window management keyboard shortcuts
Add your username and icon to your menu panel, and run apps or shell commands
Move the Power/Network/Volume/User/Date/Notifications menus to the status area
adds a binary clock to the gnome bar
Lightweight GNOME shell extension to set your wallpaper to today's Microsoft Bing image of the day…
Display info on various crypto-currency exchanges
Blocks caribou (the on screen keyboard) from popping up when you use a touchscreen
Allow to connect to paired devices from gnome control panel
Blur: Applications | Top Panel | Overview | Dash | More!
Adds a blur look to different parts of the GNOME Shell, including the top panel, dash and overview
Brightness control for all the monitors detected by ddcutil
If a backlight device is available, this extension shows a brightness indicator on panel menu, tha…
Bring Out Submenu Of Power Off/Logout Button and Rearrange the Order of System Menu
Search and switch to browser tabs using GNOME overview/ArcMenu
Indicator for new and unread mail (Yahoo, Gmail, Microsoft, Outlook, Aol, Icloud, Protonmail, Gmx.…
Disintegrate your windows with style
Simple run dialog calculation
Changes the desktop background when the workspace is or becomes empty, such as switching to an emp…
Cleanup the System Menu from Power Options