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Command line archiver utility
Fault tolerant cpio archiver targeting backups
A tool to extract files from visual novel archives
Open-source implementation of the world-famous ARJ archiver
Archive command line helper
Open source tools to create bill-of-materials files used in macOS installers
Free Software for extracting Microsoft cabinet files
A program to create or extract from cpio archives
FUSE Compressed ROM filesystem with lzma
A tool to extract data from a 3ds rom
File system archiver for linux
GBL Firmware file manipulation
GNU implementation of the `tar' archiver
A tool to unpack installers created by Inno Setup
LHa is an archiver and compressor using the LZSS and Huffman encoding compression algorithms
A fast ISO to CSO compression program for use with PSP and PS2 emulators, which uses multiple algo…
A tool to unpack and repack nds rom
A new p7zip fork with additional codecs and improvements (forked from…
POSIX standard archive tool from MirBSD
Provides a single interface to extended file attributes
Universal script based file extractor and reimporter
Utility for RAR archives
Convert a .rpm file to a .tar.gz archive
Script to extract RPM archives
A tool to convert filename encoding inside a ZIP archive
A very fast tar like tape archiver with improved functionality
Tools for remote synchronization and `shell archives'
A compression/decompression tool based on snappy
Massively parallel combined implementation of the tar archiver and the lzip compressor
A fork of torrent7z, viz a derivative of 7zip that produces invariant .7z archives for torrenting
An archive unpacker program
Extract a DMG file
Command line tool for unpacking archives easily
Utility for RAR archives
Backwards compatibility between unar and unrar
Tool and library to extract CAB files from InstallShield installers
An extraction utility for archives compressed in .zip format
An extraction utility for archives compressed in .zip format
Manipulate archives of files in Zoo compressed form
A library and program to extract, create, and modify WIM files
A GTK front-end for command line archiving tools
GTK frontend to 7z,zip,rar,tar,bzip2, gzip,arj, lha, rpm and deb (open and extract only)
Tiny script to extract archives by their extensions
Compressor/archiver for creating and modifying zipfiles
Incremental journaling backup utility and archiver
ZPAQ archive (de)compressor and algorithm development tool
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