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advancecompNix package
A set of tools to optimize deflate-compressed files
brotliNix package
A generic-purpose lossless compression algorithm and tool
bscNix package
High performance block-sorting data compression library
bsdiffNix package
An efficient binary diff/patch tool
bzip2Nix package
High-quality data compression program
bzip2-unstableNix package
High-quality data compression program
bzip3Nix package
A better and stronger spiritual successor to BZip2
crabzNix package
A cross platform, fast, compression and decompression tool
dejsonlz4Nix package
Decompress Mozilla Firefox bookmarks backup files
dtrxNix package
Do The Right Extraction: A tool for taking the hassle out of extracting archives
Fast and effective C++ file optimizer
flips-unstableNix package
A patcher for IPS and BPS files
gzipNix package
GNU zip compression program
gzrtNix package
The gzip Recovery Toolkit
hacpackNix package
Make and repack Nintendo Switch NCAs/NSPs
hactoolNix package
A tool to manipulate common file formats for the Nintendo Switch
heatshrinkNix package
A data compression/decompression library for embedded/real-time systems
imagelolNix package
Simple program to store a file into a PNG image
kekaNix package
MacOS file archiver
kzipmixNix package
A tool that aggressively optimizes the sizes of Zip archives
lbzip2Nix package
Parallel bzip2 compression utility
lhasaNix package
Free Software replacement for the Unix LHA tool
lrzipNix package
The CK LRZIP compression program (LZMA + RZIP)
lz4Nix package
Extremely fast compression algorithm
lzbenchNix package
In-memory benchmark of open-source LZ77/LZSS/LZMA compressors
lzfseNix package
A reference C implementation of the LZFSE compressor
lzhamNix package
Lossless data compression codec with LZMA-like ratios but 1.5x-8x faster decompression speed
lzipNix package
A lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm
lziprecoverNix package
Data recovery tool for lzip compressed files
lzopNix package
Fast file compressor
mozlz4aNix package
A script to handle Mozilla's mozlz4 files
ncompressNix package
A fast, simple LZW file compressor
nx2elf-unstableNix package
Convert Nintendo Switch executable files to ELFs
offzipNix package
A tool to unpack the zip data contained in any type of file
orzNix package
A high performance, general purpose data compressor written in rust
ouchNix package
A command-line utility for easily compressing and decompressing files and directories
pbzip2Nix package
A parallel implementation of bzip2 for multi-core machines
pbzxNix package
Stream parser of Apple's pbzx compression format
pigzNix package
A parallel implementation of gzip for multi-core machines
pixzNix package
A parallel compressor/decompressor for xz format
plzipNix package
A massively parallel lossless data compressor based on the lzlib compression library
pxzNix package
Compression utility that runs LZMA compression of different parts on multiple cores simultaneously
rzipNix package
Compression program
unzrip-unstableNix package
Unzip implementation, support for parallel decompression, automatic detection encoding
upxNix package
The Ultimate Packer for eXecutables
xarNix package
Extensible Archiver
xdeltaxdeltaNix package
Binary differential compression in VCDIFF (RFC 3284) format
xdeltaxdeltaUnstableNix package
Binary differential compression in VCDIFF (RFC 3284) format
xzlzmaNix package
A general-purpose data compression software, successor of LZMA
xzxzNix package
A general-purpose data compression software, successor of LZMA
zdeltaNix package
zfpNix package
Library for random-access compression of floating-point arrays
zopfliNix package
Very good, but slow, deflate or zlib compression
zstdNix package
Zstandard real-time compression algorithm
zsyncNix package
File distribution system using the rsync algorithm