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GNU Accounting Utilities, login and process accounting utilities
A keyboard shortcut daemon
Intel AMT® SoL client + tools
The classical Unix `at' job scheduling command
Configuration editing tool
Console progress bar
A breadth-first version of the UNIX find command
A cross-platform graphical process/system monitor with a customizable interface
A resource monitor; python port of bashtop
A monitor of resources
Follow a symlink and print out its target file
Print all known information about all available OpenCL platforms and devices in the system
Control AMD Wraith Prism RGB LEDs
Daemon which collects system performance statistics periodically
Daemon which collects system performance statistics periodically
Prettified LS
Manage local application configuration files using templates and data from etcd or consul
Generic template rendering and notifications with Consul
Daemon for running commands at specific times (Vixie Cron)
Top-like interface for container metrics
Turns other processes into daemons
Runs a command as a Unix daemon
A general watchdog for the linux operating system
Fake the system date
An enhanced version of GNU dd
A tool to copy data from a damaged block device
GNU ddrescue, a data recovery tool
A tool to graphically examine ddrescue mapfiles
A set of utilities for hard drive data rescue
Displays file system space usage using graphs and colors
Disk information utility; displays everything 'df' does and more
Simple program to detect bad disks by filling them with random data
cat replacement
A Linux user-space application to modify the Intel Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) Boot Manage…
Tools and library to manipulate EFI variables
Read and set environmental variables for processes from Consul
Records and replays device descriptions and events to emulate input devices through the kernel's i…
A system inventory tool
Give a fake chroot environment through LD_PRELOAD
Give a fake root environment through LD_PRELOAD
Fancy, colorful MOTD written in bash
A command scheduler with extended capabilities over cron and anacron
Flexible IO Tester - an IO benchmark tool
Process manager for applications with multiple components
Recover files based on their contents
Implementation of the Intelligent Platform Management Interface
Recursive rectangle map of disk usage
Disk usage analyzer with console interface
GUI that allows to control the cooling (fan and/or pump profiles) of NZXT Kraken AIO liquid cooler…
A command-line disk partitioning tool
An alternative to the auditd daemon
System information collector
A gopsutil-based command to display system usage info
foreman clone written in go language
A terminal based graphical activity monitor inspired by gtop and vtop
Set of text-mode partitioning tools for Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) Partition Table (GPT) di…
A CLI tool for Linux to copy a partition from one disk to another and more
A diff-capable 'du' browser
Display information about your hardware and operating system
Per-value asymmetric encryption of sensitive data for Hiera
A Python clone of Foreman, a tool for managing Procfile-based applications
CLI tool to manage the /etc/hosts file
An interactive process viewer
An interactive process viewer for Linux, with vim-style keybindings
Probe for hardware, check operability and find drivers
Hardware detection tool from openSUSE
Tool to get/set the infamous idle3 timer in WD HDDs
Daemon that wires button presses to screen backlight level
A cron-like daemon which handles filesystem events
A full featured CLI system information tool
Disk I/O latency measuring tool
Parallel file system I/O performance test
Command-line interface to IPMI-enabled devices
An easy-to-use IPMI server management utility
Enables a Java Application to be run as a Windows Service or Unix Daemon
JSVC is part of the Apache Commons Daemon software, a set of utilities and Java support classes fo…
Navigate directories faster by learning your habits
A tool to improve keyboard comfort and usability with advanced customization
A tool to improve keyboard comfort and usability with advanced customization
Linux Kernel Manager and Activity Monitor
Python script to control NZXT cooler Kraken X52/X62/X72
Enclosure LED Utilities
Run a program using only idle cycles
A daemon for keeping the system timezone up-to-date based on the current location
Mails anomalies in the system logfiles to the administrator
Rotates and compresses system logs
List files recursively
Provide detailed information on the hardware configuration of the machine
Flexible implementation of `cron' in Guile
A userspace utility for testing the memory subsystem for faults
Sandboxing library and application using Linux namespaces and capabilities
A set of tools for minijail
Intel Memory Latency Checker
Monitoring system
CLI tool to manage POSIX message queues
top-like tool for monitoring NATS servers
NATS Command Line Interface
Real-time performance monitoring tool
Public-key signature system for NATS