A collection of software packages managed with dream2nix

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dreampkgs is a collection of software packages managed with dream2nix, a framework for automated packaging.

Both dream2nix and dreampkgs are unstable at this point.

The goal of this repo is to test and improve dream2nix.

See hydra jobs here: https://hydra.ngi0.nixos.org/jobset/dreampkgs/main#tabs-jobs

To interact with the CLI, use nix 2.4+ with enabled experimental features nix-command + flakes.

Packaging workflow

clone repo

git clone https://github.com/nix-community/dreampkgs
cd dreampkgs

list existing packages

nix flake show

build a package

nix build .#{package-name}

modify the build recipe of a package or dependency

Open ./overrides/{subsystem}/default.nix and add or modify entries. See the documentation for the Override System

Developing/Debugging dream2nix

Use dreampkgs with a local checkout of dream2nix

Temporarily override the dream2nix input of dreampkgs via:

nix flake lock --override-input dream2nix path:///$HOME/path/to/dream2nix

This command needs to be re-executed after each change on dream2nix.