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Search in MyNixOS is performed client-side. An index of entries is downloaded from the MyNixOS server and searched using the extended search from the library Fuse.js. The index is persisted client-side.

Note that the Fuse.js library has been modified to set include-match as the default match type.


package firefoxFind all packages which includes firefoxTry it!
option enable$Find all enable optionsTry it!

Supported search operators

TokenMatch typeDescription
pythoninclude-matchItems that include python
=schemeexact-matchItems that are scheme
~jscriptfuzzy-matchItems that fuzzy match jscript
!rubyinverse-exact-matchItems that do not include ruby
^javaprefix-exact-matchItems that start with java
!^earlanginverse-prefix-exact-matchItems that do not start with earlang
.js$suffix-exact-matchItems that end with .js
!.go$inverse-suffix-exact-matchItems that do not end with .go

White space acts as an AND operator, while a single pipe (|) character acts as an OR operator.

To escape white space, use double quote, e.g. ="scheme language" for exact match.