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aercNixOS option-set
alotNixOS option-set
astroidNixOS option-set
foldersNixOS option-set
getmailNixOS option-set
gpgNixOS option-set
himalayaNixOS option-set
imapNixOS option-set
imapnotifyNixOS option-set
jmapNixOS option-set
lieerNixOS option-set
maildirNixOS option-set
mbsyncNixOS option-set
msmtpNixOS option-set
muNixOS option-set
mujmapNixOS option-set
neomuttNixOS option-set
notmuchNixOS option-set
offlineimapNixOS option-set
signatureNixOS option-set
smtpNixOS option-set
thunderbirdNixOS option-set
The email address of this account
Alternative email addresses of this account
Some email providers have peculiar behavior that require special treatment
Standard email folders
GPG configuration
The IMAP configuration to use for this account
The JMAP configuration to use for this account
Maildir configuration for this account
Unique identifier of the account
A command, which when run writes the account password on standard output
Whether this is the primary account
Name displayed when sending mails
Signature configuration
The SMTP configuration to use for this account
The server username of this account