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_moduleNixOS option-set
accountsNixOS option-set
dconfNixOS option-set
editorconfigNixOS option-set
fontsNixOS option-set
gtkNixOS option-set
homeNixOS option-set
i18nNixOS option-set
launchdNixOS option-set
manualNixOS option-set
newsNixOS option-set
nixNixOS option-set
nixpkgsNixOS option-set
pamNixOS option-set
programsNixOS option-set
qtNixOS option-set
servicesNixOS option-set
specialisationspecialisationNixOS option-set
systemdNixOS option-set
targetsNixOS option-set
waylandNixOS option-set
xdgNixOS option-set
xfconfNixOS option-set
xresourcesNixOS option-set
xsessionNixOS option-set
libNixOS option
This option allows modules to define helper functions, constants, etc
specialisationspecialisationNixOS option
A set of named specialized configurations
uninstallNixOS option
Whether to set up a minimal configuration that will remove all managed files and packages