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fileNixOS option-set
keyboardNixOS option-set
languageNixOS option-set
pointerCursorNixOS option-set
home.activationNixOS option
The activation scripts blocks to run when activating a Home Manager generation
Some Nix packages provide debug symbols for gdb in the debug output
Determines whether to check for release version mismatch between Home Manager and Nixpkgs
List of additional package outputs of the packages home.packages that should be installed into the…
home.fileNixOS option
Attribute set of files to link into the user home
home.homeDirectoryNixOS option
The user's home directory
home.keyboardNixOS option
Keyboard configuration
home.languageNixOS option
Language configuration
home.packagesNixOS option
The set of packages to appear in the user environment
home.pointerCursorNixOS option
Cursor configuration
Whether to make programs use XDG directories whenever supported
The profile directory where Home Manager generations are installed
home.sessionPathNixOS option
Extra directories to add to PATH.These directories are added to the PATH variable in a double-quot…
Environment variables to always set at login
home.shellAliasesNixOS option
An attribute set that maps aliases (the top level attribute names in this option) to command strin…
home.stateVersionNixOS option
It is occasionally necessary for Home Manager to change configuration defaults in a way that is in…
home.usernameNixOS option
The user's username