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hooksNixOS option-set
keyMappingsNixOS option-set
numberLinesNixOS option-set
scrollOffNixOS option-set
showWhitespaceNixOS option-set
uiNixOS option-set
wrapLinesNixOS option-set
Use tabs for the align command
Modes in which to display possible completions
Contexts in which to display automatic information box
Reload buffers when an external modification is detected
Set the color scheme
Global hooks
Execute a search as it is being typed
The width of an indentation in spaces
User-defined key mappings
Settings for the number lines highlighter
How many lines and columns to keep visible around the cursor
Highlight the matching char of the character under the selections' cursor using the MatchingChar f…
Settings for the show whitespaces highlighter
The width of a tab in spaces
Settings for the ncurses interface
Settings for the wrap lines highlighter