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dynamicForwardsNixOS option-set
localForwardsNixOS option-set
remoteForwardsNixOS option-set
Specifies which address family to use when connecting
Specifies files from which the user certificate is read
Check the host IP address in the known_hosts file
Specifies whether to use compression
Specify dynamic port forwardings
Extra configuration options for the host
Whether the connection to the authentication agent (if any) will be forwarded to the remote machin…
Specifies whether X11 connections will be automatically redirected over the secure channel and DIS…
Specifies whether remote X11 clients will have full access to the original X11 display
Host pattern used by this conditional block
Specifies the real host name to log into
Specifies that ssh should only use the authentication identity explicitly configured in the ~/.ssh…
Specifies files from which the user identity is read
Specify local port forwardings
Match block conditions used by this block
Specifies port number to connect on remote host
The command to use to connect to the server
The proxy host to use to connect to the server
Specify remote port forwardings
Environment variables to send from the local host to the server
Sets the number of server alive messages which may be sent without SSH receiving any messages back…
Set timeout in seconds after which response will be requested
Environment variables and their value to send to the server
Specifies the user to log in as