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Allow the output of bold characters when the bold escape sequence appears
Have the terminal beep on the terminal bell
Background color value
Set the default browser for opening links
Auto-detected URLs can be clicked on to open them in your browser
Extra colors options that should be added to [colors] section
Specify the how the terminal's cursor should behave
Cursor color value
Cursor foreground color value
Specify how the cursor should look
Settings dynamic title allows the terminal and the shell to update the terminal's title
Whether to enable Termite VTE-based terminal
Whether to enable Shell VTE integration
Whether to hide url hints not matching input in url hints mode
The font description for the terminal's font
Foreground bold color value
Foreground color value
Enables entering fullscreen mode by pressing F11
The default window geometry for new terminal windows
Highlight color value
Hints active background color value
Hints active foreground color value
Hints background color value
Hints border color value
Hints border width
Extra hints options that should be added to [hints] section
The font description for the hints font
Hints foreground color value
Hints padding
Hints roundness
The name of the icon to be used for the terminal process
Emit escape sequences for extra keys, like the modifyOtherKeys resource for xterm(1)
Automatically hide the mouse pointer when you start typing
Extra options that should be added to [options] section
Set the number of lines to limit the terminal's scrollback
Scrollbar position
Scroll to the bottom automatically when a key is pressed
Scroll to the bottom when the shell generates output
Search from top again when you hit the bottom
Enable size hints
Sets the window as urgent on the terminal bell