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tmuxinatorNixOS option-set
tmuxpNixOS option-set
Resize the window to the size of the smallest session for which it is the current window
Base index for windows and panes
Use 24 hour clock
Override the hjkl and HJKL bindings for pane navigation and resizing in VI mode
Disable confirmation prompt before killing a pane or window
Whether to enable tmux
Time in milliseconds for which tmux waits after an escape is input
Additional configuration to add to tmux.conf
Maximum number of lines held in window history
VI or Emacs style shortcuts
Whether to enable mouse support
Automatically spawn a session if trying to attach and none are running
The tmux package to install
List of tmux plugins to be included at the end of your tmux configuration
Set the prefix key
Number of lines/columns when resizing
Reverse the window split shortcuts
Store tmux socket under /run, which is more secure than /tmp, but as a downside it doesn't survive…
Run the sensible plugin at the top of the configuration
Set the default-shell tmux variable
CTRL following by this key is used as the main shortcut
Set the $TERM variable