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This optional key describes, at a high level, the intended purpose of the job. The system will apply resource limits based on what kind of job it is. If left unspecified, the system will apply light resource limits to the job, throttling its CPU usage and I/O bandwidth. The following are valid values:

Background : Background jobs are generally processes that do work that was not directly requested by the user. The resource limits applied to Background jobs are intended to prevent them from disrupting the user experience.

Standard : Standard jobs are equivalent to no ProcessType being set.

Adaptive : Adaptive jobs move between the Background and Interactive classifications based on activity over XPC connections. See xpc_transaction_begin(3) for details.

Interactive : Interactive jobs run with the same resource limitations as apps, that is to say, none. Interactive jobs are critical to maintaining a responsive user experience, and this key should only be used if an app's ability to be responsive depends on it, and cannot be made Adaptive.

    null or one of "Background", "Standard", "Adaptive", "Interactive"