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If set, the pkgs argument to all nix-darwin modules is the value of this option, extended with nixpkgs.overlays, if that is also set. The nix-darwin and Nixpkgs architectures must match. Any other options in nixpkgs.*, notably config, will be ignored.

The default value imports the Nixpkgs from . The config, overlays, localSystem, and crossSystem are based on this option's siblings.

This option can be used to increase the performance of evaluation, or to create packages that depend on a container that should be built with the exact same evaluation of Nixpkgs, for example. Applications like this should set their default value using lib.mkDefault, so user-provided configuration can override it without using lib.

    An evaluation of Nixpkgs; the top level attribute set of packages
    import <nixpkgs> {}</nixpkgs>