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brewsNixOS option-set
caskArgsNixOS option-set
casksNixOS option-set
globalNixOS option-set
onActivationNixOS option-set
tapsNixOS option-set
The path prefix where the brew executable is located
homebrew.brewsNixOS option
List of Homebrew formulae to install
homebrew.caskArgsNixOS option
Arguments passed to brew install --cask for all casks listed in
homebrew.casksNixOS option
List of Homebrew casks to install
homebrew.enableNixOS option
Whether to enable nix-darwin to manage installing/updating/upgrading Homebrew taps, formulae, and …
Extra lines to be added verbatim to the bottom of the generated Brewfile
homebrew.globalNixOS option
Options for configuring the behavior of Homebrew commands when you manually invoke them
homebrew.masAppsNixOS option
Applications to install from Mac App Store using mas
Options for configuring the behavior of the brew bundle command that nix-darwin runs during system…
homebrew.tapsNixOS option
List of Homebrew formula repositories to tap
List of Docker images to install using whalebrew