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Whether to enable nix-darwin to manage installing/updating/upgrading Homebrew taps, formulae, and casks, as well as Mac App Store apps and Docker containers, using Homebrew Bundle.

Note that enabling this option does not install Homebrew, see the Homebrew website for installation instructions.

Use the , , , and options to list the Homebrew formulae, casks, Mac App Store apps, and Docker containers you'd like to install. Use the option, to make additional formula repositories available to Homebrew. This module uses those options (along with the options) to generate a Brewfile that nix-darwin passes to the brew bundle command during system activation.

The default configuration of this module prevents Homebrew Bundle from auto-updating Homebrew and all formulae, as well as upgrading anything that's already installed, so that repeated invocations of darwin-rebuild switch (without any change to the configuration) are idempotent. You can modify this behavior using the options under .

This module also provides a few options for modifying how Homebrew commands behave when you manually invoke them, under .