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Emacs major mode for Cedille
Like caps-lock, but for your control key
Standalone package providing the agda-input method without building Agda
Agda2-mode for Emacs extracted from Agda package
Emacs mode for BQN programming language
Precision colors for machines and people; Emacs implementation
Major modes for Gentoo package files
Ement.el is a Matrix client for Emacs
Popup descriptions of R objects
Integrates Emacs evil and markdown
Enhancements to standard library font-lock.el
Revert region to most recent Git-historical version
A major mode that, when associated with the .h file extension, will put those file into the major …
Helm extension for looking up words in dictionaries and thesauri
Extensions to isearch
Search text- or overlay-property contexts
An Emacs major mode for editing Jam files
Major mode for the LLVM assembler language
Emacs ott mode (from ott sources)
Major mode for editing .pod-files
Imbue Emacs with power!
Mark a rectangle of text with highlighting
Orthodox (two-pane) file manager for Emacs
Swedish calendar for Emacs
Major mode for editing Ur/Web
Specify use of y-or-n-p' oryes-or-no-p' on a case-by-case basis
Emacs youtube-dl download manager
Emacs extension that provides spoken output
hsc3 mode package for Emacs
Minor mode provides useful features for editing perl codes
Prolog mode for Emacs
Small session management for emacs
The core APIs of the Emacs binding for tree-sitter
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