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Multi-platform password manager
Multi-platform password manager
1Password command-line tool
Simple X11 menu program for running commands
ABlog for blogging with Sphinx
Text-based addressbook program designed to use with mutt mail client
The "Activate Windows" watermark ported to Linux
Adobe Reader, a viewer for PDF documents
6DoF Head tracking software
A fast and flexible keyboard launcher
Small GTK application to allow to keep a diary of your life
Extracts FIT files from ANT-FS based sport watches
An anime tracker for AniList featuring a TUI
P2P note-taking tool
Parser for Attempto Controlled English (ACE)
Parser for Attempto Controlled English (ACE) with a large lexicon (~100,000 entries)
Edit the Pantheon desktop application menu
PDF viewer with Vim-like behaviour
Application with primary purpose of idling Steam cards from multiple accounts simultaneously
Open source self-hosted web archiving
Easily create & extract archives, and compress & decompress files of various formats
Self-hosted knowledge repository
An offline thesaurus based on WordNet
Enjoy the mysteries of the sea from the safety of your own terminal!
Large lexicon for APE (~100,000 entries)
Authentication software for the German ID card
Two-factor authentication code generator for GNOME
Twilio Authy two factor authentication desktop application
Create and manage multiple choice questionnaires with automated marking
Automatically convert your existing AutoScaling groups to up to 90% cheaper spot instances with mi…
.NET assembly browser and decompiler
Software for controlling RGB keyboard lights on some gaming laptops that use ITE Device(8291) Rev …
A neat notification daemon for Wayland
GUI for AVRDUDE (AVR microcontroller programmer)
A data management tool that enables working with SQL Server, Azure SQL DB and SQL DW
Open-source KVM software
A universal manager to set base16 themes for any supported application
A collection of small bash scripts for heavy terminal users
Lightweight battery daemon written in C
AA-lib demo
Dynamic menu library and client program inspired by dmenu
A powerful cross platform Bible study tool
A bidirectional console
Preprocessor for anyone writing specifications that converts source files into actual specs
Binance Cryptoexchange Official Desktop Client
Graphical tool to visualize binary data
Mail system tray notification icon for Thunderbird
Ncurses Binary Clock
A program to clean your computer
3D Creation/Animation/Publishing System
3D Creation/Animation/Publishing System
A blog compiler
Configurable blue light filter
Fetch the battery charge level of some Bluetooth headsets
Simple and configurable Blue Light Filter for X
An easy-to-use wineprefix manager
Break timer that forces you to take a break
Open source beer recipe creation tool
Private cmdline bookmark manager
Text user interface for buku bookmark manager
Mobile-friendly Gtk frontend for password-store
RPN and algebraic scientific calculator
A calendar and scheduling application for the command line
Comprehensive e-book software
GRBL controller application with G-Code visualizer written in Qt
A tool to read the contents of ISO7816 smart cards
A simple static web photo gallery, designed to be clean and easily usable
A simple static web photo gallery, designed to be clean and easily usable
Analog / Digital / Cat clock for X
Lightweight and fast battery icon that sits in the system tray
Manage your charm account on the CLI
Create and view interactive cheatsheets on the command-line
An hierarchical note taking application
Cross platform chewing user phrase editor
A graphical configurator for Kaleidoscope-powered keyboards
A simple application for encoding and decoding text, designed for elementary OS
CLI based audio visualizer
A C daemon that turns your webcam into a light sensor
Linux bus interface that changes screen brightness/temperature
Clipboard Manager written in Rust Programming Language
Lightweight GTK Clipboard Manager
Clipboard management using dmenu
Scan QR codes on screen and from camera, the result is in your clipboard
Command-line OTP authenticator application
Simulates the falling characters theme from The Matrix movie
Static site generator written in Rust
A QR code scanner desktop app for Linux
The fastest and most interactive terminal based UI application for tracking cryptocurrencies
A program for 'tinting' color values
Offline conference schedule viewer
Cross platform open source e-book reader
Clipboard Manager with Advanced Features
Control your computer hardware via application profiles
CLI for downloading videos and naming them
Free software that gathers information on CPU, motherboard and more
A simple and lightweight translator that allows to translate and speak text using Google, Yandex a…