Showing entries 1-15 out of 15. is a weechat script which auto-set buffer properties when a buffer is opened
This simple weechat plugin allows you to compose messages in your $EDITOR is a weechat script that adds 'Highlight Monitor'
Multi-line edit box
A Python plugin for Weechat that lets Weechat communicate over the Matrix protocol is a URL opening script
A WeeChat plugin for
Autosort is a weechat script to automatically or manually keep your buffers sorted
Use the weechat nick colors in the chat area is a weechat script to quickly jump to different buffers
Search in Weechat buffers and logs (for Weechat 0.3.*)
A WeeChat script in Lua that implements the chat protocol
A WeeChat script that sends highlight and message notifications through notify-send
WeeChat script for Off-the-Record messaging
Add support for the ZNC Playback module
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