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automatic device model synthesizer
(deprecated) Complete set of free CAD tools and portable libraries for VLSI design
Minimal Application using the QCSXCAD library
GNU package for semiconductor device simulations
Multi-channel waveform data acquisition and chart recording application
Demonstrative communications program designed to make it easy to talk to any model BitScope
Display diagnostic application for BitScope
Test and measurement software for BitScope
Mixed signal logic timing and serial protocol analysis software for BitScope
Automated oscilloscope, voltmeter and frequency meter for BitScope
Demonstrative prototype oscilloscope built using the BitScope Library
Remote access server solution for any BitScope
Open source EDA software focused on easy of use and portability
A C++ library to describe geometrical objects
Graphical tool to analyze data, gathered from various hardware devices
Multi platform circuit layout and schematic drawing tool
A GUI program for supporting various instruments from DreamSourceLab, including logic analyzer, os…
A simple digital waveform viewer with vi-like key bindings
Schematic editor and PCB layout tool from Autodesk (formerly CadSoft)
2-D post processing for PCB fabrication on CNC routers
C++ Library for Evaluating Mathematical Functions
An editor that allows the interactive creation of footprints electronic components
An open source prototyping tool for Arduino-based projects
Gtk Analog Wave viewer
Full GPL'd suite of Electronic Design Automation tools
A Gerber (RS-274X) viewer
Gnu Circuit Analysis Package
VCD/Waveform viewer for Unix and Win32
A comprehensive reverse engineering and manipulation framework for gate-level netlists
A free EDA software to develop printed circuit boards
Import Hyperlynx Boardsim files to openEMS, an open source 3D full-wave electromagnetic field solv…
Icarus Verilog compiler
Open Source Electronics Design Automation suite
Open Source Electronics Design Automation suite
Just the built source without the libraries
Just the built source without the libraries
Open Source Electronics Design Automation suite, without 3D models
Open Source EDA suite, development build
Open Source EDA suite, development build, without 3D models
Lepton Electronic Design Automation
A free EDA software to develop printed circuit boards
A fork of the sigrok library for usage with DSView
A fork of the sigrokdecode library for usage with DSView
VLSI layout tool written in Tcl
A tool for reading, displaying and saving data from the NanoVNA
The Next Generation Spice (Electronic Circuit Simulator)
VHDL compiler and simulator
Linux SDL/ImGui edition software for viewing .brd files
Open Source Electromagnetic Field Solver
Free software for Hantek and compatible (Voltcraft/Darkwire/Protek/Acetech) USB digital signal osc…
OpenROAD's unified application implementing an RTL-to-GDS flow
Printed Circuit Board editor
Oscilloscope application that works with all PicoScope models
Qt-based LA/scope/MSO GUI for sigrok (a signal analysis software suite)
Graphical editor for finite state machines
Integrated circuit simulator
Spin-off of Qucs that allows custom simulation kernels
The language for System-level design, modeling and verification
Event driven digital circuit simulator with a TCL/TK-based graphical editor
Fast and robust (System)Verilog simulator/compiler
VHDL to Verilog converter
Generic drawing program tailored to circuit diagrams
Oscilloscope through the sound card
Schematic capture and netlisting EDA tool
High-performance analog circuit simulator
High-performance analog circuit simulator
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