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A simple BibTeX Viewer and Editor
Free software for distributed and grid computing
COLMAP - Structure-From-Motion and Multi-View Stereo pipeline
COLMAP - Structure-From-Motion and Multi-View Stereo pipeline
Graphical unit converter
Common Workflow Language reference implementation
A general platform for complex network analysis and visualization
Curve fitting and peak fitting software
A platform for visualizing and manipulating large graphs
Cellular automata simulation program
Desktop software for the interactive visualisation of plate-tectonics
A visualisation tool for the creation and analysis of graphs
MEGA Model Optimization Package
A multi-agent programmable modeling environment
Print upcoming space-related events in your terminal
A library for computer-vision scientists and targeted for the Multiple View Geometry community
Unit-aware calculator
A data analysis framework
A data analysis framework
Fitting and data analysis for small angle scattering data
Framework for the simulation of distributed applications
Python-based execution environment for make-like workflows
Workflow engine written in pure Python
A visualization framework for the analysis and visualization of relational data
Visual Trace Explorer (ViTE), a tool to visualize execution traces
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