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A fast, asynchronous Zsh prompt
The fastest shell plugin manager
The plugin manager for zsh
Ranger-like file navigation for zsh
wrap fzf to use in oh-my-zsh
Gradle tab completion for bash and zsh
grml's zsh setup
A ZSH theme optimized for people who use Git & Unicode-compatible fonts and terminals
ZSH completions for Nix, NixOS, and NixOps
A framework for managing your zsh configuration
A fast reimplementation of Powerlevel9k ZSH theme
A beautiful theme for zsh
Pretty, minimal and fast ZSH prompt
Zsh prompt for Astronauts
A Swiss Army Knife for Zsh - Unix Shell
Flexible zsh plugin manager
Flexible zsh plugin manager
A next-generation plugin manager for zsh
Real-time type-ahead completion for Zsh
A plugin that auto-closes, deletes and skips over matching delimiters in zsh intelligently
Fish shell autosuggestions for Zsh
Jump back to a specific directory, without doing cd ../../
Better completion for npm
Ohmyzsh plugin that integrates kill-ring with system clipboard
Plugin that output time: xx after long commands
Additional completion definitions for zsh
Syntax-highlighting for Zshell
Replace zsh's default completion selection menu with fzf!
Informative git prompt for zsh
A CLI to provide enhanced history for your ZSH shell
Multi-word, syntax highlighted history searching for Zsh
Fish shell history-substring-search for Zsh
zsh plugin that lets you use zsh in nix-shell shell
The configuration framework for Zsh
Fish shell like syntax highlighting for Zsh
A plugin that adds key bindings support for ZLE (Zsh Line Editor) clipboard operations for vi emul…
A better and friendly vi(vim) mode plugin for ZSH
ZSH plugin that reminds you to use existing aliases for commands you just typed
Jump quickly to directories that you have visited frequently in the past, or recently
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