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anboxNixOS option-set
appvmNixOS option-set
containerdNixOS option-set
containersNixOS option-set
cri-oNixOS option-set
directBootNixOS option-set
dockerNixOS option-set
efiNixOS option-set
fileSystemsNixOS option-set
forwardPortsNixOS option-set
hostNixOS option-set
hypervGuestNixOS option-set
incusNixOS option-set
interfacesNixOS option-set
kvmgtNixOS option-set
libvirtdNixOS option-set
lxcNixOS option-set
lxdNixOS option-set
multipassNixOS option-set
oci-containersNixOS option-set
podmanNixOS option-set
qemuNixOS option-set
rosettaNixOS option-set
sharedDirectoriesNixOS option-set
spiceUSBRedirectionNixOS option-set
tpmNixOS option-set
virtualboxNixOS option-set
vmwareNixOS option-set
vswitchNixOS option-set
waydroidNixOS option-set
xenNixOS option-set
A list of paths whose closure should be made available to the VM.When 9p is used, the closure is r…
An alternate BIOS (such as qboot) with which to start the VM
The path (inside th VM) to the device to boot from when legacy booting
The path (inside the VM) to the device containing the EFI System Partition (ESP).If you are not bo…
Specify the number of cores the guest is permitted to use
Path to the disk image containing the root filesystem
The disk size in megabytes of the virtual machine
Additional disk images to provide to the VM
The file systems to be mounted
When using the SLiRP user networking (default), this option allows to forward ports to/from the ho…
Whether to run QEMU with a graphics window, or in nographic mode
Network interfaces to add to the VM
The memory size in megabytes of the virtual machine
Mount the host Nix store as a 9p mount
The msize (maximum packet size) option passed to 9p file systems, in bytes
The resolution of the virtual machine display
If this option is enabled, the guest will be isolated, i.e. it will not be able to contact the hos…
The path (inside the VM) to the device containing the root filesystem
An attributes set of directories that will be shared with the virtual machine using VirtFS (9P fil…
Use a boot loader to boot the system
If enabled, the boot disk of the virtual machine will be formatted and mounted with the default fi…
If enabled, the virtual machine will provide a EFI boot manager
If enabled, when NIX_SSL_CERT_FILE is set on the host, pass the CA certificates from the host to t…
Build and use a disk image for the Nix store, instead of accessing the host's one through 9p
Enable Secure Boot support in the EFI firmware
Virtual networks to which the VM is connected
Machine configuration to be added for the vm script produced by nixos-rebuild build-vm
Machine configuration to be added for the vm script produced by nixos-rebuild build-vm-with-bootlo…
If enabled, the Nix store in the VM is made writable by layering an overlay filesystem on top of t…
Use a tmpfs for the writable store instead of writing to the VM's own filesystem