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A plugin that enables users to execute term searches and get notified when the given criteria are …
SSO support for Graylog through trusted HTTP headers set by load balancers or authentication proxi…
Message filter plugin can be used to do DNS lookups for the source field in Graylog messages
Integrations are tools that help Graylog work with external systems (unfree enterprise integration…
Prints out all messages that have an estimated size crossing a configured threshold during process…
A collection of open source Graylog integrations that will be released together
Graylog plugin to record internal logs of Graylog efficiently instead of sending them over the net…
A graylog-server plugin that replaces the last octet of IP addresses in messages with xxx
Jabber Alarmcallback Plugin for Graylog
An output plugin for integrating Graphite, Ganglia and StatsD with Graylog
Graylog input plugin that reads MongoDB profiler data
An alarm callback plugin for integrating PagerDuty into Graylog
Redis plugin for Graylog
Can notify Slack or Mattermost channels about triggered alerts in Graylog (Alarm Callback)
Alert/notification callback plugin for integrating the SMSEagle into Graylog
Graylog plugin to receive SNMP traps
Correlate proton density to the response time of your app and the ion temperature to your exceptio…
Graylog output plugin that forwards one or more streams of data to Splunk via TCP
An alarm callback plugin for integrating the Twilio SMS API into Graylog
Graylog input plugin that reads Twitter messages based on keywords in realtime